[Video] Turn Your Knives Razor Sharp Again Using This Easy And Inexpensive Technique!

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The usual method of sharpening knives is to run them along a sharpening steel or a whetstone.  Although this is effective, it requires back and forth motions and force that could wear your arm out in seconds.  You can have them taken to a knife sharpener, but is it really worth the trip?

If you have a belt sander at home that you use for woodworking, you’re in luck because it can actually double as a knife sharpener.  Yes, you heard it right, that belt sander is your key towards sharpening anything you own at half the time needed and less the effort exerted.


Watch Scott Gregg’s video on the Next Page to see how he does it: BEST WAY to Sharpen Any Knife RAZOR SHARP!

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